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Blockchain Company Branding

Algorand is poised to change blockchain for the better, and forever. Built on pioneering research in cryptography, mathematics, and engineering, Algorand technology finally provides the solution for “the blockchain trilemma” many have long wanted, but could never fully realize: security, scalability, and decentralization.

While working at New Kind, I refreshed the Algorand brand by modifying the logotype and building a system that combines the clean structure of architecture with the colorful, fluid abstractions overlapping in a borderless realm.

Brand System


The Algorand logotype utilizes bold geometry to elevate the visual tone, making it simple and modern. Updates more closely align the type to the preexisting Algorand 'A'.

ALGO_CaseStory_images_Artboard 2.jpg

A grid was created using the Algorand 'A' as a base. Cropping for visuals are created using this grid. 

The Algorand color palette strikes a balance between a base of soft monochrome and rich, saturated overlay colors. Color is mostly expressed through photo overlays and call-outs such as buttons.

Imagery is a key aspect of the Algorand brand look and feel. Grayscale base images should be atmospheric, fading past the horizon. Base images come in three main categories: architectural, structural abstract, and natural environments. Color images should be primarily textural and reflect the colors in Algorand’s palette.


Application Examples


Dark and light modes

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