Library Organization
Logo Iterations
Logo Animation

Research and exhibition design surrounding library help desks and their functions. Includes pre-exhibition research, the exhibition, advertising, and promotion for the event. Theoretical, not in production.

Tools Used

Laser Cutter


The intended audience of the exhibition is students, professors, and other faculty, specifically in and around college campuses. The event would be open to any member of the general public who was interested. The exhibition design is for a 70x16ft wall. 

**This box can be used to zoom in on the details of the exhibition wall. All of the graphics were created by me and the shelves individually shelved with books from the era represented by the placards. 

Promotional Items

Posters advertising the event would be placed throughout the college campus. Poster locations would include, but not be limited to, all on-campus libraries, major academic buildings, coffee shops, residence halls, and some of the poster kiosks around campus.

Each library help desk throughout campus would have a stack of these fun pop-up cards. 

Approximately a week before the event, there will be a booth set up in a courtyard or front of a library distributing book lights to interested passersby. 

On the way in the door into the exhibition itself, attendees will receive this cool complimentary t-shirt. 
The t-shirts feature a simplified version of the poster advertising the event and are to be screen-printed. 


Concept map and infographic presenting the research of library help desks.