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Community Program Branding 

Waterhouse was the result of a project tasked with raising community awareness and evolvement through branding, service design, and interaction. Our team created the Waterhouse initiative. Centered on a local Raleigh creek that was redirected through tunnels and pipes in the 1940s and then forgotten by its city.

I designed the logo, while also contributing to color palette choices, wayfinding signs, and other aspects of both the brand and applications.


Collaborators: Ryan Williams, Bridget Brosnan, Emma Wegmiller, and Renee Haynes.

Brand System

The abstract form of the symbols creates patterns that can be reproduced or altered across multiple applications, reinforcing the brand identity. 

The green symbol represents nature and the need for greenspaces in urban areas.

The grey symbol represents the concrete and glass of urban areas and the city's focus on industry. 

The blue symbol represents the creek itself and bringing water back into the city's conversation. 





Isidora is playful, expressive, inviting, and organic. Its slight flourishes, as seen on the 'W' and 'R', evoke the feeling of fluidity, tying into the initiative's objects. 


Promotional Items

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